Bike buddies

Bike buddies are experienced cyclists who can assist you riding to the Uni for the first time. They can help you gain confidence riding in traffic and show you some of the best routes to get to campus.

Feel free to contact one of the following bike buddies and let them show you the ropes:

Adrian (commutes from Lane Cove) Adrian.Emilsen(at)

Doug (commutes from Ryde) dstewart(at)

Leigh (commutes from Beecroft) lgibbens(at)

Paul (commutes from Lindfield) pemanuel(at)


7 responses to “Bike buddies

  1. I ride on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (unless raining) from Cheltenham, but could leave from Beecroft if that helps. I usually leave home at about 7.30am and leave Uni in the afternoon at around 4pm.

  2. I ride from Lindfield, through the river park, most days. Leave home around 7:30, and leave uni at a variety of times.
    Happy to modify specifics for a particular ride.

  3. Hi Paul, thanks for offering to help bike buddy. Do you have an email that people could contact you on?

  4. I ride every day from corner of Pennant Hills Rd and M2. This route is easy, and you probably don’t need a buddy.

    However going back is much more tricky, as we are not allowed on the M2 westbound between Macquarie and Beecroft.

    If anyone wants to be guided along the M2 detour in the afternoon, you are most welcome to ride with me.

  5. Hi veloista, you can contact me on pemanuel(at)

  6. Hi Fran,

    I am a beginner cyclist who would love to ride down the M2 to uni occasionally. I was a bit nervous about the detour- could I go with you some time? Is it possible to go during the break? I’d like to get the hang of it before I start worrying about being there in time for class, having showers at uni, etc.
    🙂 Jo

  7. Hi,I ride from Epping to Mq~
    Feel free to join me~

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