BikeFleet is on its way

Bike Club is currently working to make a loaner bike fleet at Macquarie Uni. The details of the program are still to be confirmed but we’re still working to get a fleet of bikes ready.

Last weekend a number of bike club members and family got together to repaint and restore some ex-police bikes that have been donated to the Bicycle Recycling Network:



8 responses to “BikeFleet is on its way

  1. David Halfpenny

    For the bike savvy among you, the bike in the last picture is missing something. Brownie points if you can guess what it is. (Yes, I fixed is a few minutes after the photo was taken)

  2. Looks like it’s missing a front derailleur, and presumable the cable. It’s also go no bottle cage attached (although I can’t tell what the blue thing hanging from the seat post is). It’s also had the gooby reflectors removed from the wheels, but nobody keeps these do they?

  3. Well, it does need a rear reflector too, doesn’t it? Although I agree with Fran – the answer to the question is the front derailleur and cable – but how she thought of that at 12.38am this morning after doing a fabulous job as Head Coach at the cycle skills course all day Sunday is beyond me!

  4. I’m sure we’ll put the reflectors back on. It would be unlike the police to have something missing from their bikes!
    Btw: I’m also about to start the CyclingNSW training course so I’d be keen to look at running courses on campus later this year.

  5. Good idea – three of the bike north female coaches either work or study here. I definitely think a coaching skills course gets “more people cycling more often”.

  6. Whats the cyclingNSW course?

  7. Hi Vince
    Its a course that is run to teach basic bike coaching:
    I’m doing the bottom “CycleSkills” course. More advanced courses are geared toward coaching for competitive cycling.

  8. Those ex-cop bikes are pretty good machines, but fairly heavy at about 16.5 kg! My 1950’s era Roadster (made from 1020 steel) weights 17.6 kg.

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