Cross-Campus events

This year bike clubs at Sydney University, UNSW and Macquarie Uni will be working together to share resources and organise events. If you have friends at Sydney, or UNSW, let them know about these bike clubs on campus.

Our first cross-campus event will be a ride from Sydney Uni to Bronte Beach, where we’ll have a swim and a BBQ. Bring food, drinks and make sure you have lights for the ride home. Here are the details:

Day: Sunday 1 March
Time: 5.30pm
Where: Fischer Library, Sydney University

You can join the ride at Sydney Uni if thats easy for you or  If you live closer to Macquarie Uni meet outside the library at 4pm. We will catch the 4.29pm express train from Eastwood to Central from which we’ll head to Sydney Uni t join the ride. If your going to ride from the Uni please contact Adrian to confirm or any more information (mb 0405358253/ Adrian.Emilsen(at)


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