Getting ready for Orientation Week

Hi All,

It’s only one month to O-week and I’m keen to get cycling promotion/ bike club activities started on campus. I recently meet with a number of bike societies from the University of New South Wales and Sydney University. We’ve decided to share ideas and pool recourses to get things to happen.

So far we’ve:
• gathered a heap of bike maps and other resources to distribute at O-week.
• contacted some bike shops to look at offering promotions for uni students.
• organised to run Inter-Uni bike ride/BBQ from the City to Bronte Beach  on March 1.

Other suggested activities include
• Running an inter-uni (not serious) bike race-time trial at Centennial Park
• Organising semi-regular rides and maintenance courses
• Running a cycling promotion activity for International Student O-week.

There are a number of activities that we’ll need to organise to make O-week a success. These include:
• Making our own flyers to promote cycling at Macquarie
• Organising a roster for people to man the stall during 0-week
• Establishing some kind of communication system (egroup / facebook etc) so we can start to run regular events and activities.

I’d like to meet up with people as soon as possible to see who is keen to get involved during O-week.  Suggested dates for meeting on campus would be 1pm on Tuesday 10 Feb, Wed 11 Feb, Thurs 12 Feb at Marxines.

Please let me know if you’d be available to meet on any of those days and if you would be keen to be help out during O-Week.


Mb 0405-358253


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